• traffic packet for everyone
  • carry-over balance
  • unlimited speed
  • activates on 30 days
Price Speed Bonus speed Bonus time
Delta 25 21.90 BYN 25 Mbit/s -
Delta 50 24.90 BYN 50 Mbit/s 75 Mbit/s 4:00-18:00
Delta 75 26.90 BYN 75 Mbit/s 100 Mbit/s 2:00-20:00
Delta MAX 29.90 BYN 200 Mbit/s* - -

* this speed may not be available in all hostels, please contact technical support.

When switching from an unlimited plan to another tariff plan, the new tariff plan will start working immediately after the end of the unlimited tariff plan.

You will have the opportunity at any time to switch to a faster tariff plan for the Alpha line, while unused days will be proportionally taken into account when determining the cost of the transfer.